Thursday, July 26, 2012

USWNT vs France

 I just had to share this Studio 90 post-match report on the USWNT win vs France.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hydration for soccer - six simple tips to help beat the heat!

How do you make sure your players are properly hydrated?  Here in Ohio, high school teams  are approaching the half-way point of pre-season and club teams are beginning to train for the fall - and it's frickin' hot!  As we get ready to start training, I'm concerned about how well my U-14 girls really keep themselves hydrated.  The body is somewhere between 60-70% water (depending on your source).  And that water is important for transporting nutrients to the cells in your body and it's also critical to the body's cooling process.  When we sweat, water evaporates and cools the body bringing the body's core temperature down keeping critical organs safe.  When we are dehydrated, the body loses it's ability to sweat, and therefore cool the body down, causing a number of problems from headaches and cramps, to heat exhaustion and heat stroke.  Staying properly hydrated is critical to player safety and performance.  Here are six simple  tips to help beat the heat!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

America's 1st Online Soccer Academy - and it's FREE!

Summer is upon us and that means camps - lots and lots of camps!  There are residential and non-residentialcamps, most of which last anywhere from a few days to a full week.   Prices range from $80 to $500 depending on your choice.  This can be huge time and financial commitment.  In today’s economy, that can really be a challenge.  Breaking out of these traditional venues for training is Jared Montz, a former professional soccer player and founder of America’s first online soccer academy - and it's FREE!