Wednesday, July 4, 2012

America's 1st Online Soccer Academy - and it's FREE!

Summer is upon us and that means camps - lots and lots of camps!  There are residential and non-residentialcamps, most of which last anywhere from a few days to a full week.   Prices range from $80 to $500 depending on your choice.  This can be huge time and financial commitment.  In today’s economy, that can really be a challenge.  Breaking out of these traditional venues for training is Jared Montz, a former professional soccer player and founder of America’s first online soccer academy - and it's FREE!

 Jared played professionally for Major League Soccer’s Chicago Fire, the Vancouver Whitecaps and the Puerto Rico Islanders of United Soccer Leagues.  A US Open Cup winner, undefeated collegiate National Champion, host of MontzTV and the Jared Montz Soccer Podcast, blogger, motivational speaker, coach, college recruiting consultant and an entrepreneur; Jared Montz has a vision of helping young players define their goals for soccer and “Believe in it!” enough to realize those goals through hard work and dedication. 

Online Soccer Academy is a really great tool for on-going player development.  Players receive a free account where they can interact personally with Jared through their message center.  Here, they'll receive video training tips and one-on-one attention.  Parents are copied on all messages too so they can monitor the communication.  The players can track their juggling progress, and they also have access to hundreds of video clips of Jared demonstrating different skills.  These are short videos focusing on a specific skill in  a way that's simple to go out in the backyard and practice.  Jared highlights the key coaching points and demonstrates the proper technique.  Here's an example of one of the many videos

Another really cool feature of the Online Soccer Academy is the Game Performance Assessment.  Here, players can record a self assessment of their game performance and it's stored online for their review.  This is really great feature for helping players learn and improve by doing a self assessment of their performance in the match.  The assessment has a number of questions to help the player evaluate their performance and also features a comment box where the player can write their own personal game notes.

One of the things I like best about the Online Soccer Academy is that players can use it year round and it gives the player an opportunity to take responsibility for their development.  If you are looking for a FREE tool to engage your players in their development and encourage them to work on their own, I highly recommend you send point them in the direction of

I interviewed Jared a while back about his online academy, playing career and vision for Jared Montz Soccer.Read More Here

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