Saturday, December 29, 2012

Viva Golazo!

I have to say from the outset that I am WAY past due in getting this post up, and I have to apologize to my friends at Golazo for the delay.

With that said, you're probably wondering "what the heck is Golazo?"  Founded in 2010 by Richard Tait and Alex Rosenast, Golazo is a Seattle Washington based  soccer-passionate brand of all-natural energy and sports drinks with a Latino influence.  The term Golazo is spanish for a "super or beautiful goal." According to the Urban Dictionary, Golazo is a Spanish term "referring to an awesomely amazing goal." Inspired by the growing enthusiasm for soccer, the Latino influence in the sport and a quest for natural products, Richard and Alex saw an opportunity to serve a unique need.  They observed that kids were mixing Red Bull and Gatorade to get something energizing and hydrating, so they set out to create a beverage with the energy of Red Bull with as much hydration as Gatorade from all-natural ingredients.  Their tagline, "Born to Score," embodies their philosophy around human potential and the confidence that soccer can bring to people's lives.  The company's mission - "We Fuel Futbol."

I was fortunate enough to be able to sample their line of energy drinks.  These drinks are not available locally where I live, so I wrote to Golazo expressing my interest in the product and a desire to sample and write a review.  They were kind enough to send me a sample of each of their energy drinks.

Golazo energy drinks come in four unique flavors - Mandarina, Mango-Limon, Sugar-Free Mango-Limon and Jamiaca Hibiscus Punch, each featuring all-natural non-GMO ingredients and boasting 50% less sugar than and 46% fewer calories than the leading energy drinks.

My favorite, by far, was the Mango-Limon.  All of these drinks are carbonated, so when you open the can, you are immediately hit with a burst of citrus and a subtle hint of that distinct energy drink aroma on the nose.  The first taste is very tangy on the front pallet and there is an initial energy drink flavor that gives way to a wonderful, crisp mango-lime flavor on the back of the pallet.  The thing I really liked about all of these drinks, but the Mango-Limon in particular, is that they are actually thirst quenching.  I noticed they made my mouth water and completely satisfied my thirst.  As I worked my way through the can, the fruit flavors stood out even more.

The sugar-free version of the Mango-Limon was equally refreshing.  As a sugar-free beverage, you expect there to be an after-taste, but I was pleasantly surprised to find none.  That may be because I regularly drink diet soda, so my pallet may be less sensitive, but I found a more lingering citrus note rather than that of an artificial sweetener.  Still, the sugar-free Mango-Limon hit me with same burst of mouth-watering fruit flavors as the fully loaded version.

The Jamaica-Hibiscus Punch was most definitely my least favorite of the four.  That's not to be critical of this particular flavor, I'm just not a fan of fruit-punch - period.  Having said that, the fruit-punch flavor in this drink is much more subtle than that of most others I've had, so I would have to rate this as a far better alternative for me personally.

The Mandarina flavor is my second favorite.  Again, the strong citrus flavors jump out on the pallet in the same mouth-watering way as the Mango-Limon.  There is a subtle hint of orange that settles in on the back making this a very refreshing beverage.  I'm not a huge orange-flavor beverage fan, but I really enjoyed this because of the subtlety.  And, again, there is an immediate thirst-quenching effect that left me satisfied.

As energy drinks go, I noticed that I felt more alert and focused within about 15-20 minutes after consuming all of these.  I consumed these beverages on separate weekends, about mid-afternoon, and noticed that I stayed alert and had more energy for several hours - at least a couple hours longer than normal.  And, even better, there was never any "crash" or subsequent feeling of fatigue or grogginess.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Golazo energy drinks.  I found them to be refreshing, thirst-quenching and full of energy that really helped me make it through the weekends and allowed me to have more quality time with family and friends in the evenings.  My biggest disappointment is that these drinks are not available locally.  In fact, they can only be found in retail stores such as Whole Foods on the West Coast.  However, not to worry, Golazo IS available for purchase on Amazon.

If you'd like to learn more about Golazo, you can check out their website,, and you can also connect with them on Facebook or Twitter!

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