I'm just an average guy with an above average interest in coaching and soccer.  I didn't grow up playing soccer but, like many folks, I fell in love with the game later in life when my children started playing.  I got involved in coaching and started reading about and watching as much soccer as I could.  I began to play in some adult leagues and really just developed a passion for the game. I love to watch EPL, MLS and both the US Men's and Women's teams.  I'm a HUGE fan of Manchester United.

Most of my coaching experience has been coaching girls, but I've coached both boys and girls from ages U-8 through U-17.  I'm a big believer in the need for developing technical players, but it's frustrating that most don't want to spend the time on their own to really excel. I've had a lot of parents ask me questions about many aspects of the game and select soccer in general.  So, I decided to start this blog to talk about some of those things and just about anything else I love about the game or the teams and leagues I follow.  

Most of my players always have a question about something and they nearly always start with "Hey Coach Doug..." and thus the name of this blog was born.

I would love to connect with you and hear your thoughts, share ideas, suggestions and feedback.  Contact me at and follow me on Twitter at HeyCoachDoug

I'm migrating my blog from Wordpress.  I won't close that blog out, but I don't plan to migrate all of my previous posts.  If you would like to check them out, you can find them at


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